Imagine you can enjoy the view over the Lakes Maggiore, Orta and Mergozzo while shooting on our Alpine Coaster, or that you are enraptured by the colours of the sunset on the Mottarone, while walking among Alpyland amusements. This is the only way you can understand how special the territory hosting our park is, and how many opportunities it provides.

During winter, when snowflakes come down from the sky, you can decide whether resting in the refreshment area or visiting some of the most beautiful cities on the Lake Orta (such as, among the others, Orta, San Giulio and Omegna) and of the Lake Maggiore (such as Stresa, Baven and Arona). You can also go shopping, before going back and enjoying the warmth of one of the hotels near our facility.

During spring you can have a walk along the green slopes, enjoying the rebirth of nature with its butterflies and twittering birds, against a clear light blue sky, that nowhere else can be enjoyed.

You can also relax, enjoying a walk along the narrow streets of the many small villages located along the shores of the lakes surrounding the Mottarone. You can enjoy a tasty coffee while seating in one of the several historic coffee bars, from whose dehors you can enjoy the slow parade of swans and many boats passing by. If you love islands, you will only have to choose if visiting the Borromean Islands with their wonderful palaces (on the Lake Maggiore) or having a contemplative walk on the San Giulio Island (on the Lake Orta), where an ancient monastery is located.

During summer, the fresh and cool air of the Mottarone – with its almost 1,500 metres of height – will make you wish to stay here, or sit in the shade of one of the several nature reserves located in this area, extremely rich from a naturalistic point of view: the Special Reserve of the Monte Mesma and the Special Nature Reserve of the Torre Buccione Hill, on the Lake Orta, or the Regional Reserve of Fondo Toce, located on the mouth of the river Toce, feeder of the Lake Maggiore.
For those who love dedicating the summer season to culture, instead, there are several interesting proposals, such as the Music Weeks organised by the city of Stresa.

During autumn you will be astounded by the mountains inflamed by red leaves and rusty foliage. Historical beauties will also catch your attention, in one of the several museums (Ethnographic, Mineralogical, Water, Stonemason's Museums) which collect and tell us the story of the beauties of this territory.

You will also breath clean and pure air during long explorations, or enjoy excellent specialty food, from the Toma of the Mottarone, a typical cheese produced by following ancient processes and ripened in mountain pastures near the top of the "Montagna dei due Laghi" (Two-Lake Mount).