1. All users use Alpyland under their own responsibility, with suitable clothing and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. Children under 4 and under 100cm in height cannot use the track.

3. The bigger person must sit on the back seat and keep both hands on the brake levers.

4. It is compulsory to permanently keep the seat belts fastened and to follow the signs placed along the route.

5. It is compulsory to brake at the end of the track, before entering the station.

6. It is compulsory to get off the sled at each end of the run.

7. It is forbidden to descend too slowly.

8. Users must maintain a moderate safety speed, so as not to endanger themselves and others. Users must keep a distance of at least 25 meters from the previous bob (the distance becomes 50 meters in case of rain). Rear-end collisions are prohibited. In the event of a collision, the driver of the following bob will be held responsible for all damage caused to people and the crashed bob.

9. It is forbidden to stop the sled during the descent.

10. It is forbidden to touch the track or the parts below the bob.

11. The staff has the right to prohibit the use of the system to anyone who drives dangerously and ignores their instructions.

12. Physically or mentally handicapped people cannot use the attraction for safety reasons, unless they are accompanied by a third party who will drive the bobsleigh and assume all the responsibilities described above.

13. Pregnant women cannot use the attraction.

14. The bob can carry a maximum load of 150 kg.

15. Animals, umbrellas, sticks as well as other bulky objects cannot be carried on the bob. Do not wear loose clothing, caps, scarves. Pay attention to shoelaces as well as long loose hair near the track and on the bob wheels.

16. During the descent it is forbidden to smoke, to use cameras, mobile phones and any device that could distract the rider’s attention. The passenger is responsible for damage or loss of electronic devices.

17. If Alpyland should close for weather reasons, no refunds will be made.

18. The use of the sledge lift automatically implies the acceptance of the rules here reported and displayed at the start of the lift.

Alpyland is open today. Come visit us!
Alpyland is open today. Come visit us!